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InsureVite is specifically designed for insurance companies to connect with millennials and digital natives using a cloud-based virtual bot assistant combined with process automation solutions.

It integrates popular texting apps with insurers’ existing systems to provide real-time insurance information. Say goodbye to costly admin hours, lost sales, and frustrated customers. InsureVite brings insurance into the future.

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Our Story

David Yeng was fed up with his insurance company. After spending hours on the phone and waiting 25 days just to receive a claim form, he could not find the answers he needed. Worst of all, even though he spent so much time circling from the company’s website to phone calls and back again, he still didn’t know who to talk to for help. He felt alone and frustrated.

But David wasn’t alone.



Digital offerings from insurers only receive a 15% satisfaction rate.

This experience got him thinking: in a time when millennials like him are more digitally connected than ever, why do insurance companies still lose most of their digital transactions?

It became clear that most people dislike working with insurance companies online to get quotes and file claims.



85% of people are dissatisfied with their digital experience with insurance companies.

Yet, he found that his millennial peers are using their phones more and more to text rather than taking phone calls or answering emails.



70% of millennials prefer to use text messaging rather than phone calls for services



Millennials are 35 times more likely to read a text message over an email

In fact, because millennial buyers are so digitally savvy , they have come to expect faster and friendlier customer service.



88% of millennials demand more personalization in customer service.

Leading David to the conclusion: insurance companies need an effective and specialized digital messaging system to capture and keep their millennial customers and grow their revenue.



In 2018, companies wasted $900 billion when their digital transformation initiatives didn’t meet their goals

So he developed InsureVite, a dynamic digital solution specifically designed for insurance companies to deliver fast and friendly answers to millennial insurance-seekers. Whether customers need to file a claim or get a quote, InsureVite stays by their side using responsive apps and texting platforms they are already familiar with.

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Our Team

Our team of professionals works closely with insurance companies to design, refine and launch the best software for their services.

Hi! I am David Yeng.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

David is the founder of InsureVite, Inc. and has a rich background in education and entrepreneurship. He specializes in working with companies to maximize revenue. When he’s not working, he’s traveling and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. Soccer is his life.

Hello! I am Batbayar Ragchaa.

Chief Technology Officer

Batbayar boasts 25 years of experience in product development, creating impressive network architectures that have saved companies millions of dollars. He built his career at UBS as a New York Solutions Architect.

Hi! I am Chean Siven.

Tech Lead

Chean is an experienced full stack developer. Her expertise is in developing large-scale internal management systems for global companies like Century 21, Belgium with more than 120,000 employees.

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