SmarterCS bot features

Our bot is intelligent enough to understand what your user wants


We are using the latest machine learning to break down the natural language


It can do almost everything inside the chat such as show video, image, maps etc.


Our bot made to be modular. Easy to customize changes for what your needs

SmarterCS bot technology

Our Chatbot uses the state-of-the-art SONAR technology

Natural language

Backed by powerful machine learning

By using machine learning for our nlp our chatbot is simple and easy to extend


Ethereum blockchain smart contract

Using blockchain for identity purposes removes all security problems with online signaturing


We use optical image processing to get information from your image quickly

Our OCR is passed many tests and has very little missrate

We’ve made a dashboard
for you

Handles complex tasks with easy conrols

Enjoy our handcrafted real time admin system to customize and monitor your chatbot